Earl Haig, Edinburgh Castle Esplande 2010 - Nicolas Boyes Stone Conservation

Available for work in the UK and Worldwide

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Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2010

Earl Haig

Edinburgh Castle Esplande


Conservation to Earl Haig and Scottish Monuments, in preparation for the installation of the new Tattoo grandstand. The monuments will be reinstalled at different locations after conservation work. Works include: Chemical Applications, Wax Treatment, Removal of Biological Growth, Delamination ,Cracks, Pitting , Graffiti, Removing Copper Staining, Preparation of New Site, Relocation and Reassembly of Monument, Remodelling, Casting, Patination and Attachment.

A NBSC sculptor will study the sculpture and then model the missing components beginning with a clay model. These models will be based on the other original components in order to reproduce the new components in the truest possible form.

Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2010